Doris Villa: Learn to be balanced and forgive.

Doris Villa: Learn to be balanced and forgive.

Nextrino- Doris Villa

Doris Villa

What is your top fitness goal and how do you plan on achieving it?

My top fitness goal is multi-faceted:

1. Injury Free

2. Increase Mobility, Flexibility, Range of Motion

3. More Muscle Activation With Exercises & Workouts

4. Greater Symbiosis of All the Systems of My Body for Great Health

What has been the biggest obstacle in your fitness journey and how have you overcome it?

My biggest obstacle in my fitness journey is PRIDE. How is pride manifested in this journey? Following are examples of my destructive pride.

  • I can BEAST It through everything.
  • More is better -more weight, more reps, more time, more workouts, more programs, more intensity . . .
  • I don't really need to rest. Rest is for sissies.
  • Form doesn't matter. This is close.
  • I have to stay with the program schedule no matter what.
  • No pain, no gain.
  • I can't miss a day.
  • Listen to my body? I don't think so. It's too whiney.
  • I can fit this in no matter what.
  • I must stay on course no matter what.
  • Extreme is great.
  • I want to do what no one else can do.

I actually overcame all these by repeated injuries; developing a life threatening,severe heart condition that nearly killed me as well as my unborn baby; spending tons of money to overcome these things, professional EMDR and EFT therapies; learning to be aware; learning to listen to my body; learning to listen to others' concern for me; and the most important thing was to develop a more intimate & closer relationship with Jesus Christ and obeying Him, letting God transform me, and deeply forgiving while loving better.

How have our products help you reach your fitness goals?

Nextrino- Doris Villa

Nextrino products - which I have them all - the NextRoller, NextRelief, and Infinity Ball helps me in all my top fitness goals. I use Nextrino products almost every day of the year, at least one or multiple ones either by themselves, with each other, or in conjunction with other tools I have. They're able to help my body relax, release tension and tightness in varying ways as my body needs.

Often my body needs a gentle approach to helping it bring muscles back to a neutral position from its contracted positions, and brute force just makes my body be more on guard rather than gently allow the muscles to release tension. The low vibrational settings of the IB and NR help IMMENSELY.

Our society and lives set us up to live in very contracted worlds, and unless we intentionally, purposefully release the tightness and tensions, they keep building up, distorting our bodies and not allowing them to function properly, allowing nerves to flow freely, or the lymphatic system to do its job, or the other areas of our body to get oxygen and blood flow it needs.

This list is quite extension when our bodies remain in constricted positions. It takes conscious effort for me daily to release these tensions and Nextrino products help me in the way I need them to. They also help my family, too.

Nextrino- Doris Villa

Share your number one fitness tip with our community.

My number one fitness tip is BE FLEXIBLE & ADAPTABLE, NOT PRIDEFUL, LEARN TO BE BALANCED, AND FORGIVE - not only with your body, but with your schedule, time, with others, with your circumstances, your financial situation, your life, your passions and career. Stuff happens and you need to adjust, but find the best solution.

Sometimes you can go at it hard, with 110%, but other times, you just need to get off track of your schedule because your life, your body is beaten up and you need to rest, but even in rest, you can use the Nextrino products to help your body recover better. Inflexibility, pride, being extreme, not forgiving myself or others for failing really were huge obstacles and it has been painful to learn this, but I'm grateful to God that I learned and am in a better place now, making better choices.

You can find Doris on Instagram at @dosidovi.