Faith Ellos: Keep pushing and never give up.

Faith Ellos: Keep pushing and never give up.

Nextrino: Faith Ellos

Faith Ellos

What is your top fitness goal and how do you plan on achieving it?

My top fitness goal is to constantly and consistently progress. What I mean is, I am not focusing on losing weight but to achieve my healthiest ability. To do this, I focus on constantly setting new goals, whether that is going up in weight, achieving a new number of reps, being able to do one more pushup or one more pullup. It also goes into my diet with goals like drinking an extra glass of water each day or having a salad 4 times this week to beat last weeks 2. Searching for new goals keeps me motivated and takes my focus away from the number on the scale.

What has been the biggest obstacle in your fitness journey and how have you overcome it?

I think the biggest obstacle is how I deal with stress. When I'm stressed out i just want to feel better and a fast way to do this is with my favorite foods, such as pizza or cookies. But I know this isnt healthy. Eating these foods in moderation is okay, but eating when I'm stressed, I tend to overeat. Finding different ways to channel this stress is my biggest challenge. I find kickboxing or a hot bath and a book the most successful solutions.

How have our products help you reach your fitness goals?

The Nextrino Vibrating Foam Roller and the Infinity Ball have helped me to stay loose and feel refreshed for my next workout. I train hard and it's important that I have the necessary tools to be rejuvenated for my next session. Using these help relieve my muscles tension and enable better flexibility which can help prevent injuries.

Share your number one fitness tip with our community.

My number one top is to keep in mind that there is never really a finish line. You keep climbing and climbing but its only to continue getting stronger, not to cross some imaginary line and it to simply be over. Keep pushing and never give up. If you slip or fall, it's okay so long as you continue moving forward.

You can find Faith on Instagram at @ladieslattesandlifting.