Preparing for an Obstacle Course Race - Nextrino’s Top 10 Tips

Preparing for an Obstacle Course Race - Nextrino’s Top 10 Tips

Obstacle races like the Tough Mudder and Spartan Race are an ultimate test to your cardio, strength training, ability to work in teams and adapt to new challenges. Here are our top tips to help you train and prep your body and mind:

Nextrino’s Top 10 Tips to get you Obstacle Course Ready

1. ) Accountability
Set a workout schedule and attach it to the fridge or in a prominent place in your house. This helps you stay mentally focused and is great for accountability purposes.

2.) Get outside and explore
Trail running is a great way to practice for an all-terrain course. Check out a free website and mobile app that can give you great suggestions in your town.

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3. ) Changing quickly
Practice starting and stopping during your workouts. This could be a great time to hit the basketball courts - lots of pivoting and running back and forth - or include more HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes in your regimen. View additional training tips here.

4.) Balance and Core Strength
Balance is crucial in an obstacle race. Work on your core and stabilization muscles by adding in Bosu ball one legged exercises and 5 minutes of core work after cardio. Read on for specific core sequences for Obstacle races here.

5. ) Grip Strength
Strong grip strength will get you far in an obstacle race where ropes, monkey bars, climbing walls and more could be around your next turn.

Practice Tough Mudder's 5 favorite exercises to improve your grip strength here and watch their training video included in this post.

6.) Get messy
Channel your little kid and practice getting some dirt on those sneaks before the race so that way you will not be caught off guard when mud pits or traipsing through the water present themselves at the race.

7.) Pull Strength
Working on your pull strength is essential for dominating obsticale's like the Tough Mudder's Funky Monkey . Men's Journalrecommends adding in dead hangs, pullups and more. Read the full article here.

8. ) Treat your body right
Use Nextrelief intense cooling cream on sore muscles and roll out tight muscles and knots with your Nextroller or Infinity Ball.  Use this link for more information and a special rate on your Nextroller purchase .  

9. ) Set a routine & know your gear
Nail down your pre-workout routine, so that when race day arrives, you have all of your gear tested and ready and know the best pre-workout meals to fuel your body. Never try anything out the day of the Race -- that is what all of your training time is for. 😉

10.) Revel in your success
Plan a fun brunch or party with friends to celebrate your success as a reward for your hard work. The celebration plans in place will help you stay focused during your training and keep your spirits high during the competition.

Finally, don't forget to take a finish line victory pic like the one at the Spartan Race here -- you totally deserve it!

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Hope these get you pumped and ready for your next obstacle course race and be sure to tag us on social media to let us know how your training is going. Good luck!