Sweet (& Sweaty) Summertime

Sweet (& Sweaty) Summertime

Vacations, endless barbecues and sugary drinks are easy ways to get sidetracked on your fitness goals. Below we are sharing are our top tips to make the most of your summertime without losing sight of your fitness goals.


Nextrino - Yoga at the Beach

Nextrino's Top Tips for a Leveled up Summertime

  • Conquer something new: Summer is the perfect time to try something new, especially on the water.  Want more sculpted abs? Try paddle boarding. Looking for sculpted shoulders and back muscles? Try kiteboarding. Want a full body workout? Try a surf lesson. 
  • Trade up:  Trade in your weekly happy hour for a workout with friends. It’s called crowding out: filling up your life with healthy habits so you have less room for habits that don't serve you or your fitness goals.  
  • Soak up the Vitamin D: Take advantage of longer, sunnier days by signing up for an outdoor yoga class or exploring hiking trails around your town that are harder to access after work in the winter.
  • Re-evaluate your New Years resolutions: Take a look at the goals you set this year and map out a monthly plan on how to achieve them. This could be small or large changes, but you still have 6 months to achieve them, so use this as a reset and get ready to accomplish them. 

Keep these strategies in mind and remember to always enjoy your summers and your fitness journey.