Train Like You're headed to the CrossFit Games

Train Like You're headed to the CrossFit Games

Crossfit can be a divisive subject in the fitness community, but there's one thing you can't deny: the competitors at the Crossfit Games are incredible athletes.

We've compiled some advice from the top Crossfit Pros so you can learn from their workouts and routines.

Our Top Tips from CrossFit Pros

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Tip 1:
Keep the Bigger Picture in Mind

As the 2017 Fittest Man on Earth, Mat Fraser comes back to the CrossFit Games to defend the title. He upped his training, nutrition and recovery in order to accomplish this. He also is a firm believer in a strong mental game for Crossfit.

Mat shared, “Never forget what your bigger goal is, whether it’s to get stronger, get better cardio, or just get fitter if you want to lose weight… keep the bigger picture in mind.” Great advice for pros and everyone on their fitness journey, from the man who lives the motto, hard work pays off.

Follow Matt at @mathewfras and hear more about his mental game here.

Tip 2:
Take Setbacks in Stride and Create a Plan for Success

Katrin Davidsdottir won the title of 2015 and 2016 Fittest Woman on Earth. She had impressive back to back years, only to not place in the 2017 Games.

Leaving the 2017 Games, she and her coach created a detailed plan of action for the next year and has come back stronger than ever and ready to compete.

Katrin shows us that taking setbacks in stride and creating a plan for success is crucial, in Crossfit and life.

Follow Katrin at @katrintanja and learn more about her planned comeback here

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Tip 3:
Transition Effectively

Sara Sigmundsdottir is well respected weightlifting and Crossfit, and walked away with third-place twice at the CrossFit Games.

Effective transitioning saves time and energy, two precious commodities at the Games. Sara practices this with her coach throughout the year and puts it into play at competitions. Follow her lead and work smarter (and harder!).

Follow Sara at @sarasigmunds and review her top 5 tips to become a better Crossfitter here.

Tip 4:
Take 2-3 Breaths Between Reps

Chyna Cho was a collegiate swimmer and knows a couple things about breath. In In her fifth CrossFit Games showing, she’ll put in place everything she’s been practicing.

Chyna mentally breaks the exercise into smaller segmentsto take things piece by piece and takes 2-3 breaths between reps for a steady pace.

Follow Chyna at @chynacho and learn more about her workouts and pacing  here.

Chyna Cho

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Tip 5:
Be Unshakably Positive

Tia Wright is a 7 time Regional Athlete and CrossFit Coach. Through that time, she’s seen it all.

Grimacing is only natural when you’re lifting extreme weights and pushing your body to the limit, and it’s only natural to have setbacks or not perform to the degree you were hoping. But that doesn’t mean you get a pass on attitude.

Tia shares, “I’ve learned to be unshakably positive, confident, and focused,”and on her blogpost about congratulating progress you make and reminding us, “don’t forget to smile.”

Follow Tia at @tiawright06and learn more about her training and mindset here.

Tip 6:
Recovery is Essential

 Professional athletes put their body through the ringer and this is true of CrossFit pro Kari Pearce, who puts in over 18 hours of training a week.

To make sure she’s ready for the next workout, she advocates for a 10-15 minute cool down at the end of every workout to include mobility exercises, stretching and foam rolling.

Follow Kari at @karipearcecrossfit and check out her cool down tips here.

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