NextRoller Product Information

Professional Athletes Look to NextRoller for Improved Recovery and Mobility

Players in the NFL, NBA, and MLB are always on the cutting edge of exercise technology. We're proud to say that many professional athletes use a NextRoller as part of their fitness routine. Vibration foam rolling is the perfect way to open your muscles up before a tough workout, or to ensure you recover fully afterward.

Relieve Pain from Chronic Pain or Injuries

The NextRoller was created when one of our cofounders suffered a lower back injury rock climbing. He tried everything from chiropractors to acupuncture to find relief, and found that the two things that helped most were foam rolling and massage. It wasn't practical to get a sports massage daily, so he decided to combine the two and create the NextRoller.

Since it's inception, we've heard from hundreds of customers who use their NextRoller to rehabilitate from chronic injuries to their backs, necks, knees, and more. Our foam roller has 3 vibration frequencies - users frequently report that the middle setting in particular is optimal for nursing their chronic injuries.