NextRoller Vibrating Foam Roller


The NextRoller vibrating foam roller combines the time tested methods of sports massage and foam rolling into the perfect fitness recovery and mobility device. It feels amazing on your sore muscles and joints.

Whether you're seeking faster and more efficient recovery from your workouts, improved mobility, or rehabbing an old injury, the NextRoller can help you reach your fitness goals.

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Trusted by Professional Athletes!

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✅ Used by NFL, NBA, and MLB players for muscle soreness, recovery and to perform at an elite level

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✅ Dedicated to helping you maintain an active lifestyle

Foam Rolling With NextRoller for Improved Recovery and Mobility

Players in the NFL, NBA, and MLB are always on the cutting edge of exercise technology. We're proud to say that many professional athletes use a NextRoller as part of their fitness routine. Foam rollers are the perfect way to open your muscles up before a tough workout, or to ensure you recover fully afterward.

Relieve Pain from Chronic Pain or Injuries

The NextRoller was created when one of our cofounders suffered a lower back injury rock climbing. He tried everything from chiropractors to acupuncture to find relief, and found that the two things that helped most were foam rolling and massage. It wasn't practical to get a sports massage daily, so he decided to combine the two and create the NextRoller.

Since its inception, we've heard from hundreds of customers who use their NextRoller for muscle soreness and to rehabilitate from chronic injuries to their backs, necks, knees, and more. Compared to other foam rollers, the NR has 3 vibration frequencies - users frequently report that the middle setting in particular is optimal for nursing their chronic injuries.

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    Michael Valentine


    I was super excited to try out the nextroller but mine was a dud. Waited hours for it to charge to finally realize it wasn't holding a charge. I dreaded the thought of having to talk to customer service just to get the warranty. I was so surprised when Cole emailed me MINUTES after I emailed him. I explained the situation, and ten minutes later I get an email about how they are already shipping me a replacement. #AMAZONPRIMELEVELSERVICE if not better.

    Michelle B.
    United States

    Excellent purchase!!

    Love it! Definitely works!

    Charlotte N.
    United States

    Its amazing

    Chiropractor, Massage therapist, personal yoga stretcher all in one. Best purchase from Amazon! I highly recommend if you are an athlete or any muscle tension/pain or just want to have the best stretching of your life. The company is a nice small business and they are going to ship me another charger for free because I lost the original because I lose everything. Get it!

    Mark F.
    United States

    Excellent customer service

    This roller is powerful. I put my full 235 lb weight on it it and it just vibrates the knots in my back and quads. Battery life is great. More inportantly is the customer service in anwering my questions and concerns quickly. I get that the feeling that “the customer is always right” when dealing with them. I highly recommend them.

    Andy S.
    United States

    Great for muscle relaxation. Easy carry with handle on the side.

    I have NextRoller for about 1 month now, I discover the roller from Tom Brady's book TB12, it talked soften and lengthen the muscle, and vibrate foam roller works very well. I have upper shoulder/back pain on my right side, I have tried many ways to relax the muscle, massage, deep tissue, etc. The roller has 3 settings that you can choose for the vibration speed, it's on the firmer side of foam. It's small but yet powerful. Now I used every time Im at the gym for warm-up/stretch. Second thing would be the great customer service Cole provided, i have questions about the roller he replied my email the next day and help me solved the issue. Thank you Cole.